We are following the national forces alliance with deep concern about the consequences of violence
In the city of and and its surroundings, and in that regard, we would like to note
On the following
The Alliance stresses the need to spare civilians the scourge of war
And the fighting, and any actions that affect civilians in their lives or property
Condemned by all accounts, and the solution to the problem of the spread of crime
Wrsẖfạnẗ security is more than military
We call on the people of wrsẖfạnẗ and eyes and their institutions to deal with criminals
And heretics and bandits, as well as the lack of shelter and reception.
Another purpose is to take advantage of the kindness and generosity of the tribe
The Alliance appeals to all parties to self-control and to be in a spirit
Responsibility and willingness to resolve the crisis and defuse the war


Alliance of national forces
Libya for all and all
3/11/2017 m