The NFA is closely monitoring the concerning developments in the oil crescent region and the capital city Tripoli. Whilst we congratulate the LNA on the recapturing of the oil ports, we would like to state the following
At the time the LNA is waging a war against terrorism and is making gains the energy committee in the parliament which signifies national unity is calling for the separation of the NOC into two institutions instead of suggesting effective alternatives to operate as one body

Terrorising civilians and endangering their lives is a crime punishable by international law and the collapse of law and order in Tripoli is striking evidence if how deteriorating the presidential council’s effectiveness has consistently been and the failure if the Skheirat agreement in achieving real agreement

The Libyan parties fighting against one another today is backed by foreign powers both by its own choice and unwittingly. The continuing infighting could drag international parties to intervene militarily in order to safeguard their interests or in a proxy war between them

The NFA reiterates its calls to all sides to come together in an internal national Libyan dialogue process away from outside intervention to save lives and avoid the spectre of civil war and to protect the unity of our nation

National Forces Alliances
May Allah save Libya
Issued in Tubruk on Saturday the 17/3/2017