The NFA has been following the wide civil protest movement today in the Libyan capital Tripoli and would like to state the following

We reaffirm our support for the demands of the people of Tripoli and their calls for the return of principal state institutions like the army, the police and judiciary.
We condemn the firing of live ammunition aimed at intimidating and silencing demonstrators as well as all attacks on media outlets

The NFA calls upon all citizens to abstain from generalisations and escalation by the use of tribal and regional rhetoric

The NFA calls upon all to invest in such peaceful civil movements which demands the return of state institutions and urges all to come together for national dialogue that eliminates nobody, thus allowing all to participate in formulating a holistic national project able to remove obstacles and resolve the main impediments to the building of the state

The NFA calls upon the various representatives of foreign delegations and the UN in Libya to listen and heed to the demands of the people of Tripoli

National Forces Alliances
May Allah save Libya
Issued in Tubruk on Saturday the 17/3/2017