in line with the unwavering principles of the NFA which respect
the human rights of all citizens and the uncompromising importance
of justice, rule of law and universal rights to free speech
the NFA condemns the actions of some military personnel whereby
they disrespected and mutilated corpses
This abominable act is in total contradiction with all laws, religious
and human codes of conduct. This action does not correspond to
the protocols of military honor and is a crime condemned by Libyan and international laws
We thereby demand the military institution to conduct a full and
thorough investigation into this heinous crime and implement the
necessary rules in this regard in order to prove to the Libyan people
that nobody is above the law
We equally condemn all restrictions imposed upon the media
such as the targeting of reporters in a breech of free expression
and the right to protest guaranteed by all constitutions and laws

National Forces Alliances
May Allah save Libya
Issued in Tubruk on Saturday the 19/3/2017