The Alliance of National Forces observed the session of the Security Council on Libya held on Wednesday 19/4/2017, including the briefing of
the Secretary-General’s envoy to Libya, which included concern and suspicion. In this regard, the Alliance would like to state the following

 The National Forces Alliance, in statement no. (29) for the year 2016 and Statement No. (9) for the year 2017, warned of the unacceptable violations committed by the Secretary General’s envoy to Libya regarding illegal immigration and attempts to settle migrants in Libya. In a clear identification with the wishes of some officials in some European countries, which is tantamount to exceeding all limits of powers and functions

The alliance expresses its full objection to the statement made by the Secretary-General’s envoy to Libya, in which his speech on illegal immigration and the settlement of migrants has hinted at the statement that the UN envoy’s talk about the wealth enjoyed by Libya is linked to the large population growth of Africa amid the spread of poverty / hunger and lack of employment opportunities And to call on the international community to look strategically at the issue of illegal immigration is a clear prelude to the project of settling migrants in Libya

The Alliance of National Forces calls upon the responsible authorities in Libya, which is currently
in conflict for Legitimacy, the Dialogue Committee, all political and national figures, leaders of political parties, leaders of the military establishment, armed groups and presidents and members of civil society associations and institutions to abide by their national and historical responsibilities. Tough and clear approach to the UN envoy to Libya, who has become a nonneutral person. He has become more interested in the project of settling African migrants in Libya than in the Libyan cause, which leaves him unqualified to continue his position
National Forces Alliances
May Allah save Libya
  Issued in Tubruk on Saturday the 20/4/2017