The National Forces Alliance has been monitoring closely the latest political developments, especially the most recent manoeuvres by some countries and would like to issue the following clarifications:

The NFA expresses its concern as regards the signing of the memorandum of understanding concerning migrants and would like to express its reservations concerning this move by the transitional political body in signing legal documents that impose political, economic and financial commitments for any future elected Libyan government 

The NFA is deeply concerned following news of the conversation that took place between the president of the United States and the prime minister of Italy, especially the latter’s request for a wider role for Italy in Libya, which opens the door wide to speculations as to the nature of this role 

The NFA urges the current conflicting Libyan authorities to pay close attention to this frenzied international activity in order to avoid the dire consequences. As part of our moral obligation, we appeal to all national forces, civil society institutions and political parties to pay attention to this activity and its possible repercussions concerning the autonomy of future Libyan political decision making 

National Forces Alliances

May Allah save Libya

Issued in Tubruk on Saturday the 7/2/2017