The NFA is following with much concern the recent events in the oil crescent area and would like to issue the following

 We condemn the attack on oil facilities and threatening the only means of income for the Libyan people

We strongly condemn any and all foreign military intervention in all forms which is an open invitation for others to interfere

 Foreign parties who have aided in this aggression or who have supported it either by overlooking it or assisting in planning for it and in doing so aim to push Libyan dialogue are risking pushing the country into the abyss of civil war, a crime against the Libyan people

Boycotting the dialogue process by those responsible for providing political solutions is not only considered a fundamental overlooking of their pivotal role at this time, but a clear call for more infighting that will engulf all

Decision makers whether they are those who were elected or those whom are self appointed, all share in the responsibility of war by proxy be it intentionally or unintentionally and the victims are Libyans and there are no winners

The balance of power on the ground was the absent factor in the Skheirat meetings ,thus leading to its weak outcomes and the lack of awareness concerning the significance of investing politically in the balance of power on the ground, will be costly

All Libyans are urged today to stand together in the fight against terror groups and their supporters inside and outside. Supporting the Libyan national armed forces and their efforts to unify all Libyans in a common cause

National Forces Alliances

May Allah save Libya

Issued in Tubruk on Saturday the 5/3/2017