The NFA would like to express its rejection of the manner by which the United Nations special envoy to Libya has been dealing with events, mainly resorting to directing vague expressions via social networks
It would have been more useful if the UN special envoy in his latest comments had officially included emphasis on the unity of the parliament instead of calling for the formation of a committee for dialogue at a time when the parliament witnesses such deep divisions which endanger the political process that started in July 2012. The latest comments seem to tacitly support and encourage those who support the Skeirat agreement to follow their path at the expense of dividing the council which represents what remains of Libyan unity
We would also like to note the insistence of the UN special envoy on using social networks instead if official statements which raises questions and tends to confuse Libyans, thus casting doubts on the credibility and neutrality of the UN. In this respect, we would like to call upon him to refrain from such methods and to resort to public official statements in his official capacity allowing for legal liability
National Forces Alliances
May Allah save Libya
Issued in Tubruk on Saturday the 12/3/2017